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Our Services

At Colvin Funeral Homes and Crematory we realize that every individual is special and we feel that every service should be unique. We offer many types of services to meet the needs of our families. We offer traditional funeral and non-traditional services, cremation options and advanced funeral planning.

Burial Services

• Traditional Service

A traditional funeral service with visitation is the most frequently selected service we offer. A traditional funeral service is one which is usually preceded by a visitation and viewing. The traditional funeral service 

is held with the body present, with either an open or closed casket typically within three to five days of death. The service may be public or private. A member of the clergy will usually officiate at the service that will be held in the church or in the funeral home chapel. The service will normally consist of scripture readings, prayers, a eulogy, and sometimes a sermon. This may be combined with hymns and music. A procession to the cemetery follows, where a brief committal service at the gravesite will conclude the service. We will tailor the funeral service to meet the individual needs and desires of our families.

The visitation is a time for family and friends to support one another in their time of grief. The body is present in an open or closed casket allowing the family and friends the opportunity to acknowledge the reality of death and to say goodbye to their loved one.

• Non Traditional Funeral Services

We offer a variety of services that cater to the needs of individuals of different faiths and traditions. We refer to these services as non traditional (i.e. Islamic, Buddhist, Jewish, etc.)

• Graveside Services

At a graveside service , family and friends will gather at the cemetery for the service. The funeral director will also be present, and is able to provide transportation for family to and from the cemetery if desired. Usually a member of the clergy officiating the service. There can be music, a eulogy, poems, or other readings during the service.

Cremation Services

• Immediate Cremation

This service typically does not include any type of formal service. But it does include obtaining of the necessary documents required for performing of the cremation process and transportation from the place of demise to the crematory.

• Cremation with Memorial Service

This service includes immediate cremation without a public or private viewing, but it offers individuals the option of having a service to memorialize their loved one. 

• Cremation with Funeral Service

A cremation service may include a private or public viewing. There may be a funeral service at our Funeral Home or your place of worship prior to the cremation itself. Burial of the ashes, if desired, may take place at a later date, and may be either public of private.

• Options for Disposition of Ashes

You may choose to bury the ashes in family plot, scatter the ashes, place the ashes in an urn to be kept at home or you may choose to place them in a niche or other location. The method of disposition of the ashes is your choice.


Pre-arrangements – Any type of service may be pre-arranged. Inflation-proof contracts are available which will guarantee today’s prices for future needs. You do not have to prepay to preplan. If you have already made pre-arrangements previously and now you prefer our facilities and services, your pre-arrangements can easily be transferred. You may be entitled to a refund or you may wish to change to higher quality arrangements. Please visit our Pre Planning page.

Life/Burial Insurance

We offer various insurance products for individuals from the ages of 0-99 years old, even individuals with health problems or terminal illnesses.

Notary Public

We have several notaries on duty during normal business hours.